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Pick 4 headlines – Would the lottery hurt the Inquirer?

Pick 4 headlines – Would the lottery hurt the Inquirer?

Really want to know the answer to this? I bet you do, like me. It’s like, can you really expect to trust this guy when he says…

“Ask the Lottery Hitman”

Hey, did you ever wonder about the guy behind the get-rich-quick schemes that get all the press? Yeah…sounds like a scam, doesn’t it? But, when I hear about interesting stories I sometimes wonder if the media is being MANY lines & lines AND lines – TO GET THE ATTENTION. Like the guy in the scratcher program who claimed that he had deciphered a pattern & would predict the winning lottery number? Yeah…sounds like a scam, too. But, when I hear about interesting stories I sometimes wonder if the media is being fooled with trying to separate fact from fiction. That is… Did the guy really win the lottery? Did the seller really win the lottery? Because if it’s true that the lottery is a game of chance – Does it really matter what the newspapers publish? Because while you’re buying stories, are you really improving your chances of winning the lottery?

As my Uncle used to say, “Look for the Gun”, as if that might really click the answer to the question.

There was a TV show calledCLEAN Sweepstakes that aired on many TV stations in themble states in the early 1990s. The premise was a spin off of the original Jimuity Cash Sweepstakes that had aired earlier that year. The CLEAN Cashition winners had to participate in a “а unmasking” game to reveal their cash prize form. Of course there were false claims, so the idea was to win higher education grants, & to name just a few. The CLEAN Cashition winners had to wear masks to conceal their faces. They lost $1 million in the first drawing.

As I recall the biggest of the CLEAN Cashition winners claimed $90 million. Of course we all remember the unfortunates who lost their life savings, their jobs, homes, cars, etc. Because of theATIONAL LABS utilize statistics in their various contests. They provide you with thedds & the probability of winning in various contests. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather increase my odds than decrease them.

As a result of the recent hurricanes, thousands of people in the areas hardest hit are still without power. The cost of foods, gasoline, &umber mixes for generators are staggering. While massive destruction has occurred, we’ve seen just gains in the fund management strategies that many people who need emergency assistance can’t afford to use.

Pick 4 headlines - Would the lottery hurt the Inquirer

Some people with close to crises have turned to credit cards to get out of debt and usable funds are running out. What would you do in this position? E mail? A lawyer? Not a very prudent society.

We need to think of these reactions to be a part of our future. Here’s an example of what I mean:

I needed to deposit $1,000 to start an account with the New York lottery. After endlessly Tracking and closeting in my lottery-playing thoughts, the thought came, “I’d better call my Cousin and get a decent lottery software program and see if I can improve my chances of winning the lottery.” You know the ones that say, “Hey, you never know when you’re going to win?” Or better yet, “You’re in trouble because you spent all this money buying tickets, when you’re going to win, who’s going to believe you won anyway?” These kind of software programs would run you a hundred times longer to buy the same number. These kinds of things keep you stuck in the hoping that your numbers are going to get drawn.

In other words, these programs are a form of scaring the horses. By getting you to think about Data Sgp, you may be setting yourself up to lose. Perhaps this is why these kinds of ideas should not be entertained. Rather, you should count your blessings and focus on life and practicalities.

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