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How To Play Razz Poker

How To Play Razz Poker

If you love to play Poker for having a good time with good friends then you can add Razz Poker to your favourite list. Once called “Seven Card Stud Poker”, it is now a very popular variation of Poker, especially in the world. Seven Card Stud Poker involves a lot of depth of strategy and play.

The most important thing that you must do before participating in a game of Seven Card Stud Poker is to understand the concepts and strategies of the game. Although, feuds are common in this game, but you need to remember that they are part of the game and not something to be taken seriously.

In the beginning, every player is dealt three cards, face down. Then, there is a round of betting. The next two rounds are when the dealer gives each player two more face down cards. Those cards are also called as pocket or hole cards. In Seven Card Stud High-Low, the bets and raises are done by the players while in the Omaha High – Low version, the bets are placed by the two players to the left of the dealer.

After the betting in the middle, the dealer gives each player three more cards in the same Position. Those cards are also called as community cards and are used by all the players. The first card that is dealt in the middle of the table is turned face up to start the first round of betting.

After the betting, the dealer turns up the last community card, called the ‘river’. Then, the game is over and everyone shows their cards – the player with the best hand wins the pot. The amazing thing about Seven Card Stud High – Low is that unlike the other Poker versions, the winner does not have to have the best hand, but rather the best overall hand.

This variation of High – Low is very popular in many poker rooms because players can have a more even match, if they wish. The Seven Card Stud High – Low rules poker does not forbid players to bluff, although it is not very common either.

In the beginning, you have to pay very close attention to theugi(the gut impression)bettingsystemand decide your strategy. The best starting hands are:

  1. Five cards to the royal flush
  2. Five cards to the straight flush
  3. Five cards to a flush
  4. Five cards to a straight flush
  5. Three of a kind
  6. Two Pairs
  7. TwoSuited Cards
  8. Pair of 10s
  9. Pair of 9s
  10. Pair of 8s

If the starting hand you have is not among the best, you should fold. However, if you have, hold on! The cards are still waiting for you. The best starting hands are:

  1. Two of a kind
  2. One pair
  3. Three of a kind
  4. Two pairs
  5. Pair
  6. High Card

The best strategy is to stay in the Vodka138! Do not be afraid to use your bluff. However, do not use it too often, because if used too often, you will be revealed as a bluff too. So, use bluffing just right and you will be a threat to others, and soon enough, you will be able to win the big pots!

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