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What’s the Best Free Winning Casino Strategy That Works?

If you are like most casino gamblers you want to know how to win the big money! Well I can share with you some serious advice on how to predict the house edge, which is the casino slang term for the casino’s advantage over the player. I say this because most players are always playing with the wrong mindset.

Their thinking is, the more cards I play, the more I attract to my hand, the better my hand is, etc… I guess what they don’t realise is that the more cards I play the more likely the casino is to win overall. depo 50 bonus 30 Do you see how a little mental confusion can hurt you?

That’s why I wanted to share these tips with you today. If you are struggling with your gambling, or are just starting to feel that little bit of confusion, then I know this is the article that you’ve been looking for.

Casino System – Card Count Your Way To Fortune!

If you play blackjack and have been playing for awhile, you’ll know that a card counting system, while not really working to win, can be very effective at coming out ahead when you take into account the house edge. Card counting is the process of assigning numerical value to each card in the deck and keeping track of the total value as the hand progresses.

This is done in a rudimentary fashion, simply by assigning a point value from zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, eight, nine, and ten to each card. If you have a value in your card counting system greater than zero, you know that a card with value from here on out is good for the dealer.

How does this work in the real world? Well, the casino knows that with perfect blackjack, and they have you playing against the house, not each other, they’ll be coming out ahead by about six or seven percent each round. They might not be able to tell the card counting player from an independent observing player, but they can easily tell when the counting player is on a hot streak and when he’s fallen into a long streak of cold cards.

And, just by signing up for the casino’s card counting service, you can be sure that you’re going to be dealing cards at least sixty times per hour. You can’t get anywhere else with this system and you can’t beat the house edge in any casino game.

Call it the casino advantage, the house edge, edge, whatever you call it, you can bet that the casino sure is glad you’re using this against them. In fact, they quite likes having people who think they can beat the game, because it acts as a big distraction for the majority of their players, and keeps them from focusing on the things that are going on at the table.

There are no card counting secrets in winning at blackjack. The casinos use known psychology and emotion to keep their edge over you. I am one of the best at emotion. I pound the table with the most emotion. I cuss, I scream, I swear, and I’m all over the casino floor when I have a winning hand. But when I have a losing hand, I usually find myself focusing on that fact, instead of how to improve my short-term opportunity to win a lot of money.

If you are always losing, and if you find yourself focusing too much on what not to do, instead of how to win BIG at blackjack, then you are magician level at that. The rank of magician doesn’t go down from profession to profession. You are just moving from working the idiot next to you to standing beside the king.

There are no card counting secrets in blackjack. When you lose, you lose, and that’s that. Some however, will try to convince you that certain card combinations will bring you good results, and if you pay enough attention, you can be right more often than you lose. That’s nice, if it happens. If you’re just playing every hand to lose, that excitement is hardly worth the effort.

Blackjack gambling is one of the few games that are not based on skill, experience, or even high-five-card-stud poker-style competition. Since each player starts with a freshly shuffled deck of cards, all players on the table are trying to get as close to 21 as possible, without going over. The casino gives the players a limited amount of time to make a decision, and the dealer is there to keep beating the players at a more reasonable pace.

Blackjack is a game of high-speed mathematics, and the casinos wager their money to the players with the best odds of beating the dealer.

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