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Top 5 Poker Hands

Poker is a game of many skills and of knowledge of the rules of the game. The remaining 5 highest hands out of the 7 combinations are the Top 5 poker hands. Learning how to play poker will never be complete without understanding the rules.

“high card” is the term used in the phrase poker hand. It refers to the highest card in the hand, subject to the full coverage of the table. Ace is the highest card in the deck and in most games has a value of 11. The greatest number 7 is the card in the game of Texas Hold Em. It is called the “High Card” because if its value is added to your hand, you have won the first round.

Top 5 Poker Hands

Next comes the “pair” hand. This hand is the set of 2 cards of the same number or face card. Next comes the “trisket” hand. This hand is the set of 2 cards of the same number or face card followed by a number. The great Hand activating the first 3 ranks of the Texas Holdem rank sequence is the “cheval” hand. It means that the player attached 3 values to the cards.

And lastly, the “staff” hand, which is the set of 4 cards. The Best Staff arrangement is the set of 5 cards in the same location. The reason this hand is called as the “staff” is because this is the first rank of the sequence and the last rank in the sequence will be the “band” hand.

In the playing the “band” sequence, the 2nd and 3rd cards are in the “day” hand while the 4th and 5th cards are in the “evening” hand.

In the 3rd phase, you open the “day” hand, set your hole cards and play against the bank hand. In the evening hand, the 2nd and 3rd cards are in the “evening” hand and the 4th and 5th cards are in the “day” hand.

In both the casino and the online room, the rank of the hand is shown in the sequence. The casino version is simpler as you only show the rank and the Ace is the highest card. The online version is more difficult as the board has 9, so in order to show the rank, you have to use the full 9 cards available. The 9th card or the door card is dropped and it is used as the fourth card for the player in this hand.

The poker hand rankings may look like this:

In stark contrast, the actual odds of you winning a poker hand are worse, in order to cover the high bet, you have better chances to win.

The best chances to win is to your pair, or a better pair. If you play for the high bet, you only have a29% probability of winning. With the full 9 cards it drops down to 20% for the high bet and 17% for the small bet. However, a 2 Way bet Soprano (the second and third ante) has a far better chance of winning. This bet has a 50% chance, or only marginally better than even money.

They say that learning to play poker is like learning to catch the fish or grow your own vegetables. Well, the catch is you don’t know the fish, you don’t know the rules and you are throwing money away, until you find out one you can trust.

Soprano is the name given to 13 ranked pairs. You have 3 cards, 2 cards and a high card. The high card is the card that separates the pairs. It may be an Ace, King or Queen. Each card has the same value in the hand. This means that you have a single pair and also aces. You have a pair and a pair of aces in your hand. Royals are the best pair. They are an Ace and a King. Ace King works too, as an Ace with a King. When you have a pair you can afford to take more cards because the chances of throwing away the low cards are pretty slim.

A pair is best when the cards total 8 or 9. Most pairs are not worth playing without a 9. The odds are 2 to 1 against throwing away a low card. So you have to decide whether to stay in or fold. The great thing about pair cards is that you can continue to bet, and your opponent will have to catch his/her card to beat you.

A card valued 10 is called a “Queen”. Imagine having your pocket queens cracked! Your opponent has called you betting pre-flop with an Ace. What now? You have no idea what he has. Even if it’s not a Queen, you can still lose. Let’s assume you both have a pair of tens. You have an Ace, he has a tens. You have the high card and it can win you the pot.

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