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Short Handed Texas Holdem – 7 Tips How To Play Shorthand Properly

Short Handed Texas Holdem – 7 Tips How To Play Shorthand Properly

You can play short handed Texas Holdem too, but it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Just because you can play short handed doesn’t mean that you will automatically do. You can still play the same basic strategies as you would at full tables, and you can still build your own strategy, but things like check or fold are available to you at any time. Let’s face it, it’s easier to build your own strategy when you have only a few opponents in the pot, it’s easier to post the blinds than it is to chase them, easier to build bigger pots and harder to steal.

  1. Death of a Short Stack

Casinos and all poker rooms have a natural bias against the short stack. Whether it’s a dealer just pitying you because you’re short or it’s a player who wants to see if you’ve got an AK or are actually worthy of stealing from, it’s always a good idea to make sure you aren’t getting crushed yourself.

  1. Getting Crushed

Crushes are practically the only hand you’ll ever want to be dealt. Even if you have AA and get crush, you still have ~20% chance to hit a second one. Contrast that with AJ and you have practically no chance of getting it, much less a third one.

  1. Getting Finited

Whenever you get suited ( connect on the flop ), you generally have something go for you. It’s fairly safe to say that you will have somewhere near 50/50 ( 47.5%) of coming home rolling. If you can get a cheap opponent to place a big bet, you stand a much better chance of getting paid off.

  1. Impunity

Impunity is the greatest thing that can happen to you. Once you get “booked”, you won’t ever get it back. nifty hands are great, but if you can get paid off by a guy named Todd on the river, you suddenly have a VERY good hand, and you can suddenly turn the momentum of the hand in your favor by going all in. overseas players often call this the “Achilles’ heal.” They will call you with hands like mouse, or two-pair, but when you raise them with premium hands, and go all in, they will usually fold.You will get paid off by an opponent who misreads what you’re holding.


Only enter into a game when you have the best hand. If you’re holding aces, don’t enter a pot unless you’re willing to risk your entire stack on the hand.

  1. Why Can’t You Touch My Money?

There’s a reason that the dealer at the blackjack table can afford to open up a brand new deck of cards every single hand. It’s not to make a profit. The money is in the racks in front of the dealers. The only time the dealer will open new cards is when he’s UNDER the gun, in position, and wants a new deck. The other players will still be waiting for cards, so you will be betting against them. Contrast this to 2003 where everyone was standing around waiting for cards. It’s imperative that you frame a hand before you play, so that you’re ready for anything.

  1. Card Counting Is The Only Way To Win Big

In conclusion, card counting is the only way to win big in professional MPO500 games. If you understand the math and you can perform simple addition and simple subtraction, you can shift the odds in your favor. But, as the old saying goes, if you are teach in school, you will have to wait until you get your hands on a book written by the professional gamblers to learn this stuff.

Most guys will never learn any new skills, so they will have to practice with the methods described in this article. Say, you want to learn how to count the numbers on a deck. Practice until you can do it perfectly every time without looking like a chicken. With a little bit of practice, you could probably get a 70% success rate, if not a better one. Money management is a whole new article (the most important of all) that would take you years to master.

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