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Poker Strategy – 3 Continuation Bets

Poker Strategy – 3 Continuation Bets

Continuation bets, or check raises as they are often called, are the most common type of poker bet and certainly the most profitable. They are a powerful tool that you can use to win a large pot when your hand is strong and to completely take down a pot when your hand is weak. However; because they are such a powerful tool; many amateurs and newcomers to the game of poker will use them unwisely. You should always pay attention to your opponent’s hand in the cards you are holding and you should ask yourself “why is he betting like this?” There are many answers to this question, but if you are playing with a very loose and aggressive player, the most likely answer you will receive will be “because he has a strong hand, man!”

On the flip side of the coin, you also need to know when you are not sure about your hand and you should ask yourself “why is he betting like this?” You should be asking yourself questions like “is this a continuation bet because he loves his motherback?” Or it could be that he is doing this to try and push you off your hand. Consider the hand above. You were sitting on the button and were ahead of the action when everyone folded to you. You had an open-ended straight draw and an Ace on the board. Your opponent bet out and you should call, but you feel that the price your opponent is willing to pay is too rich and you are the best player at the table so it is time to use your skill against your opponent. You want to try and push your opponent out of the hand because you have a better hand.

Poker is a game of information and since your opponents are also gathering information about your play, you can easily turn the tables around and take control of the flow of the game by making your opponent think that you are weak when you are in fact, very strong.

You cannot control the cards that come out of the deck, but you are in total control of how you control the action. By raising in a pre-flop situation, most players are going to feel that you are strong. If this is the case, your opponent is going to push a lot of hands, especially if you have a lot of raises behind you. The next thing that you need to do is open up your own playing. renown says that the best poker players play tight on the pre-flop. That is your job. In other words, if you have done your job correctly, you are not giving any hint to your opponents as to what hand you have.

So, when you think you have a strong hand, call out a raise. If you have doubt that you will be up against a strong hand, use a smaller bet size. If your opponent calls your raise, be careful because he may also have a strong hand. Do not be afraid to go to the river. If your opponent checks to you, make a continuation bet. If your opponent raises, you need to determine whether or not he actually has the hand that he made that large bet with. If he does not, you need to consider folding your hand. Usually, at this point, if your opponent does not have a very strong hand, I would advise you to call to keep your opponent in the pot in order to build a pot.

This technique is great against beginners and weaker players. Not against very strong players. Do not make this your only technique, however. Make sure that you are using this technique against loose players, or players who are very predictable. This is also a technique that you can use at the poker table, whether it is Texas Holdem or Dewavegas.

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