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Keno Games – Catch Enough Spots and You Could Win Big – A Lotto liar’s guide to Keno Games

Keno Games – Catch Enough Spots and You Could Win Big – A Lotto liar’s guide to Keno Games

Keno is a lottery game that has been played for many years in China. The game is usually played as “straight” games, meaning that the results are drawn at the conclusion of the game. The “offsets” of the game are the same as lotto games (with the exception of one or two numbers in some versions of the game). The number of spots chosen aren’t usually all that frequently, and many people play them in order to reduce the odds against them (hence the reason for their coined names, including Short Handed Keno and Big Handicapped Keno). Some people who play keno have found that they win more frequently by playing multiple cards (usually 20 or more), as a system of nerve and concentration.! Don’t try this at home unless you are prepared to take the risk of going home broke.

You’ve always known that playing the lottery is a game of pure luck, but did you know that you can improve your chances of winning the lottery jackpot by playing just one or two particular numbers more frequently than others? I have, and I’ve revealed some of these once secret techniques in my Lotto Lies series of articles, but I’ve never before allowed myself to write about them in such a systematic way.

That’s why I’m going to reveal 3 little secrets now, about selections and how to play them. These techniques will not make you a millionaire overnight, but, if you stick to them, you will see a lot more wins for less effort.

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A lot of people play the lottery using a lottery software program to increase their chances of winning. Look, even the cheapest software starts at about $70, and if you use it correctly you can start winning multiple tickets with a small investment as low as $2.! What, and you thought you could get by with just luck?

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At the racetrack, there are are only a couple of ways to get an edge. You can get an edge by knowing the cards which have yet to be dealt, or you can get an edge by being able to read the cards now before they are dealt. Once you recognize the cards and the numbers, the odds shift in your favor, and you’ll know which are the betting favorites. This doesn’t work at online casinos, where it is too easy to move a game to a different section. Also, if someone ever sees your cards, you will probably be penalized for cheating, even if cheating is not necessarily cheating.

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They say that Keno results are mostly bad numbers (although they vary from casino to casino), and that mostly bad numbers have not been played recently. Perhaps they are just terrible numbers, but if you look at the winning numbers, you can often better your odds. Often, in a few games, the numbers have just been hitting together. Look at the lower half of the board, and you will usually find the numbers are almost in order. In the upper half, you will often find the numbers are loosely thrown together. It’s tempting to bet these numbers, but statistics show only about 30% of the time will this hold true.

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Some bettors try to play the same numbers every time. The problem with this strategy is that you might get lucky, but most likely you won’t win at all. Even if you do win, the jackpot is very small. Instead of betting randomly, you should statistically follow a pattern and increase your chances of winning by betting the same numbers, and following your instinct. This is the key to winning. The more you look into winning lottery strategies, the more you will realize that the common methods are not effective.

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