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How to Use Your Poker Calculator as a Personal Coach

How to Use Your Poker Calculator as a Personal Coach

I have been asked on many occasions if I could personally coach players in their quest to get better in sit and go and multi-table tournaments. Last week was thecro fictional poker blogosphereiring. Tournaments are a strange animal, especially in brick and mortar casinos. Online tournaments can be chaotic and brutal. Single table tournaments can be boring if you are not winning. You are not in the habit of winning at this point anyway, so it is better to just get out of the tournament than to endure the pain of it. Tournaments are easier to explain when you are not personally involved in them. Your poker calculator will act as your coach during the tournament except when you are in the hand. Your poker calculator can advise you on raising hands, table position, position of blind, and your poker calculator can also give you a hand rank. Hand rank is relative to the other hand in the hierarchy. Calculating your odds is relative to the other hands in the same poker software, and is also used for drawing decisions.

After the tournament, your 7meter calculator is also going to let you know how you did in that tournament. Your poker calculator can give you some positive or negative scores on your tournament. The negative scores are when you made bad decisions, bad plays, or bad beats. The positive scores are when you made good decisions, excellent plays, or good beats. Your poker calculator is also going to let you know how you did in a hand regardless of the outcome. This is especially important when you are using your poker calculator to determine your actions in a multi-table all in situation. A good hand may become a bad hand with a sufficient succession of bad decisions.

In the internet poker world, there are a diverse group of poker calculators that you may use, however, I will stress a few of the main ones above as the most important ones for me in terms of support, in game action, and in overall poker success.

Now, a quick glance at the features offered by all of the above poker calculators might reveal some initial impatient expenditure, however, do not let this discourage you if you are proficient in online poker, because each of these poker calculators has its unique applications, and they are all quite capable of addressing all of the unique issues unique to online poker.

Typically, online poker software applications are not only designed to stat the data of the players and hands of play, they are leveraged as a TEACHER TOOL which provides you all the settings and variables of play (including your own hands and those of your opponents). The truly amazing application of this device is that you can apply the software with absolutely no delay and no cost at all. Get you a poker calculator and aaid up and running with just a click of the mouse, and then you can begin to session your opponents and take superior decisions in sit and go poker games.

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