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How to Play to Win

How to Play to Win

You are a good poker player. You understand position and aggression and you know the value of your hands. You even understand the difference between being an aggressive player and a conservative one. However, somehow, you seem to be stuck in a rut. Perhaps it is that you just keep playing the same familiar strategies and are getting clobbered over and over again.

Then maybe it’s time for you to learn how to play to win. To get out of your rut and into some proficiency in poker, you should start with tournament poker. Tournament poker is very different from cash games. If you are used to winning cash games, you are going to struggle a bit in tournament poker. Sure, you can still lose cash games and that is entirely on you, but at least you know that you can win tournaments.

One of the biggest mistakes good poker players make is that they get into a rut. They stick to playing the same old things and win a little and think they are lucky. These are the players that get paid at the end of the night because they made a bunch of mistakes. You don’t want to be in that category. You want to mix it up and play your cards well. You don’t want to stick to one strategy and be rigid about it.

You want to learn how to play with a lot of moves. Tournament domino88 is a game of change. You have to be flexible in your game if you want to win. If you think you will only play your pocket cards and hit that set with the Ace on the board, well, that is going to hurt you in tournaments. You want to learn how to play pocket pairs, suited connectors, middle pairs, and a host of other suited connectors and combinations. Learn toirting out your bets and be willing to get away from the hand if you lose a few times.

Many poker players make the mistake of playing too many hands. My rule of thumb is not to play more than 20% of the hands I come across. If you are playing more than that 20%, you will need to get very lucky to make it back. It may take several bad hands at the right time to build you a nice bankroll, but you will need to build chips in other ways.

My strategy is to play low pocket pairs and suited connectors to start. I play middle pairs in late position and do not play unsuited connectors until I have built a low pocket pair to semi-bluff with. Then, you can play them aggressively. Suited connectors can be dangerous if you allow other players to see cards with them. If someone does catch a card with their face card, they can possibly win with the bonus ball.

If you want to win tournaments, you are going to need to mix up your play and get lucky to win. The tried and true methods of winning are not going to work. You are going to need to get lucky and win the lucky draw. In my next article, I will continue coverage of the no limit games and tournaments and tell you how to take down first place in tournaments.

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