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How to Play Casino Roulette

How to Play Casino Roulette

Live Roulette TV is the home of the UK’s most entertaining TV game show. Easily one of the most entertaining shows on television, the show has captured the imagination of millions of viewers due to its rather simple, engaging format. Perhaps this is why it is so popular to many people across the world.

The game involves twenty numbers, each segmented into five sections: 0,00; 1,00; 2,00; 3,00; 4,00; 5,00. The discussion and the game involves these segments of numbers from left to right in a counter-clock-wise direction. The show is managed by Elle MacPherson and also features contributions from her sidekick Suze Dozier, known better as ‘Miss Suze’.

Contrary to its name, Casino Roulette TV makes no reference to the casino or gambling aspect of the program

Contrary to its name, Casino Roulette TV makes no reference to the casino or gambling aspect of the program. However, despite this format, the show does conclude with a bonus game that has two potential winning numbers from the sum of all those available – 666 and 999.

This game is far from being a short form game that is guaranteed to leave the viewer with no money. Like all casino games, Casino Roulette TV is certainly not for everybody and the experience of actually winning can be quite exhilarating.

Keys to winning are simple. There is no need to be a mathematical genius or to remember the numbers that have appeared in the past. What is needed from the viewer is the ability to follow simple instructions and to have a good head on money management.

Casino Roulette TV makes no bones about the fact that this game is purely based on chance and that nobody can make a mathematical formula book. This, combined with the fact that the Luxembourg Lotto has its odds changed from 1 in 37 to 1 in 36, 7/2, 9/1 or 36/1, suggests that the likelihood of the numbers appearing in the correct order is a bit higher than would be the case in ordinary lotteries.

Even then, nobody knows when the numbers will appear and by how many times. Some viewers may find it impossible to bet on the same number for five times without it appearing, while others may bet for the same number every week.

Keys to playing Casino Roulette TV are:

The best section to play is the key of 00 and 0, either individually or in groups of two. It is crucial to remember that these two positions are the inside and outside bets. 45 is the price paid for a complete key of both positions.

The price paid for an outside bet is usually half that of an inside bet.

Dozen bets are not recommended but it can be done if desired. Try to avoid placing four bets on the same number because it is known to rarely be successful.

Second or third dozen bets tell a story and with variations, they can be intriguing. First, it means that you have to start with only one chip, secondly, the stakes rise progressively and if you win, you will probably be a winner and earning from one to five chips, with the largest payout for the win in the six-deck variation at eight-deck. Third, the numbers often appear in groups of threes so it is important to consider this when deciding which of the outside bets to place.


The attraction of Casino Roulette TV has always been the cost, no matter how little it was. While the betting equivalent of the UK roulette wheel is one of the most expensive in the world, particularly when you factor in the opportunity of winning up to twice as much, the cost is actually fractional. The minimum bet is only 20 pence and when you consider the number of fragile chips that are used, a winning bet can be rather evaporated.

The rewards for winning are multiplied exponentially when you are playing online and this is reflected in the speed with which the online game pays out. Online casinos that pay out fast have more players and more winners.

Who benefits from Casino Roulette TV?

Well, aside from the thousands of players who bring home gigantic checks, Casino Roulette TV has become a furniture for the wise and bored ones. Many well-known personalities are active on the site, including Chris Moneymaker, Kevin Arnold, Carson Daly and lastly, the father of two U.S. tennis champions getting the fame of becoming the first family of tennis. In addition, this show has become a platform for many small and big names in sports to promote their own interests and for those interested in poker,chess,bred racing and more, to try out their hand at live events.

This show has had a profound effect on the culture of gambling and casino games in general. Gone are the days when casinos were little more than smoke and noise places where the wealthy and the powerful got to see live action and improve their wagers and habits.

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