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How to Play Against Yourself at a Poker Tournament

How to Play Against Yourself at a Poker Tournament

I have had the time recently to play a few live, poker tournaments. While I don’t often play in poker tournaments, these Facebook “ams” have me curious. I played a few multi-table tournaments while I was there. As I did with many other players, I found it rather amusing.

I figured I would write a poker tournament strategy as to how I handled those events. I played a few in Vegas last year, but I missed a lot of the action. Then again, maybe I am just not that patient.

There is something interesting for every poker player to do on off-days. For some, it may mean a simple goal, such as going to the movies. For others, it may mean spending a great deal of time in front of the television. For still others, it may mean a simple night out in Vegas (as long as they stay away from the gambling).

Professional players may bet more than other players do. When I read about players doing this, I became curious about how much money I could make by betting Facebook poker chips. Since I have a good amount of free time on my hands, I decided to test this out.

AfterSin CityI am usually home all day. It is easy to begin a game when I am home. This time of the month, I usually like to go to the casino and get my online poker fix. I figure if I can go to the casino, I can probably find a game.

I never spend too much time or effort trying to get better at my game. I realize I am not as good as the pros, and that my swings are probably wider than theirs. Nevertheless, I do love to play online poker tournaments.

I registered as a poker player empaths who has access to more advanced poker strategy books. I picked up a few new strategies and have been winning ever since.

I think that my wins have been directly proportional to the time I have spent studying my poker opponents. I believe that instinctsome of the time are good enough, and that Anderson, Brunson, and Dan Harrington would agree.

Of course, I did not forget to check my own hands, and made some foolish calls and folds. Once in a while, I got a couple of bad beats and I did lose a hand or two. Nevertheless, it is usually easy to get back in the game and not play too shabbily again.

I admit that I have had better luck at the lower limit games. I finer tune my game and become a better player. At the moment, I am only prone to super stomachs and tighten up my starting hand use.

I do not believe in going on TILT. It is never worth losing your entire stack to a lucky flop. At the same time, you need to play smart in low limit games or tournaments and pot control is a virtue. Controlling your own table image will make you a better player.

Do not call at the end of a hand where it is obvious that your opponent has a better hand. Often, you will drive your opponent off the hand, if you box them in. Therefore, control your actions and your own play.

There is much to learn about Naga303 strategy. study a couple of articles and I am sure you will begin to improve your game very quickly.

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